Responsibilities Environmental Policy

SLS Pharmaceuticals Private Limited focus & Environmental protection is an integral part of our business. Responsible citizen committed to the cause of better quality of life.  SLS Pharmaceuticals Private Limited gives top priority to green environment.

We are committed to protecting the environment. We operate in & ensuring the health of our employees. We constantly thrive at modifications in our process which will reduce quantity of effluents.
The training on environmental awareness is imparted to all the employees, with regard to protection of environment.

The effluent generated is treated up to specified limit and water is evaporated by distillation.
The salts separated from effluent, send to Government approved Hyderabad Waste Management System for further process.

This treatment is approved as per local standard of environment. And effluent generated from the process is treated up to allowable limit of stipulated norms specified by the Pollution control board.